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40.01 Terms & Conditions of Trading (Public)

HELLO COMTEC LIMITEDSTANDARD TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR GOODS AND SERVICESLAST UPDATED 14-APR-2022 1. Application of Terms and Conditions 1.1 The Supplier shall supply and the Customer shall purchase the Goods and Services in accordance with the quotation, o...

Logging in to Wildix

Wildix Getting Started

This short video outlines the written instructions below Your Invitation Once your account has been created, you will receive an email invitation from Wildix PBX,  If you don’t see it in your inbox check your junk mail as it may have...

Instant Messaging

Wildix Getting Started

Using Instant messaging you can send and receive messages, files and post-its to other users.  This works on Collaboration and the mobile app so you are never out of touch.  You can initiate an instant message session from many parts of Collaboration: From Se...

Answering, Transferring and Making calls

Wildix Getting Started

This is a short video summarising the different call options listed below Answering calls Once you are logged in to Collaboration you are ready to begin receiving calls.  When a call comes in, a Call Tab appears on the right side of the Collaboration scr...

Conferencing calls together

Wildix Getting Started

Call conferencing is a powerful tool that can save a lot of time and effort and shorten the time it takes to resolve an issue or close a sale.  We're all familiar with Call Transfer - the ability to put a caller on hold and then transfer them to a third party...

Advanced Call Handling

Call Centre Supervisor Tools

Call Monitoring & Coaching If you manage a group of people in a Call Centre you have the tools, if they are enabled, to monitor  your team's calls and optionally coach them.  While in Collaboration and a colleague is on a call, mouse over the colleague , clic...

A feature-by-feature overview of Collaboration and its menus

An in-depth guide to the Wildix Collabo...

The top menu The top menu in Collaboration These are the components of the top menu: This is a search field, with speech recognition and a call button: you search for colleagues and contacts in your phone book(s) and perform quick actions from drop-do...

Setting up a Conference

Video Conferencing

Create a conference room When you are ready to set up a conference, log in to Collaboration on the web and click the Conference button to manage your conferences This will list the conferences you have created to date: In this case we have no confer...

Video Conferencing options

Video Conferencing

Wildix has a range of Video Conferencing options available that are all seamlessly integrated. can be managed directly from Collaboration and integrate with calendars Personal video conferencing using your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile Simple and powerfu...