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Video Conferencing options

Wildix has a range of Video Conferencing options available that are all seamlessly integrated. can be managed directly from Collaboration and integrate with calendars

Personal video conferencing using your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile

Simple and powerful and with no need to install software or have a logon.  It uses your device's own screen, camera, speakers and microphone to full effect.



Small-room video conferencing using a computer connected to Huddle conferencing device 

Turn a desktop computer into a conference room device with our Huddle unit.  Connected via USB, it provides excellent audio and the 120-degree camera ensures everyone is in shot.



Conference Rooms with multiple screens and cameras that track the presenter

Wildix's innovative Wizyconf system lets you gather groups together to participate in video conferences and keep it personal; the dual-camera system allows everyone in the room to be in view while the second,  AI-driven, moveable (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) camera will focus on the current presenter and follow them as they move.





Wizyconf is integrated into Wildix's Collaboration and uses the same WebRTC technology, meaning it included everyone from other Wizyconf rooms, from Huddle rooms and individuals on their Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile devices.