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Advanced Call Handling

Call Monitoring & Coaching

If you manage a group of people in a Call Centre you have the tools, if they are enabled, to monitor  your team's calls and optionally coach them.  While in Collaboration and a colleague is on a call, mouse over the colleague , click on Options button (three dots) and an additional set of options will be presented:


  • Listen enables you to silently monitor a call. You can hear the parties, but they cannot hear you.
  • Whisper enables you to coach a member of your team.  You can hear both parties but only your team member can hear you
  • Barge enables you to take control of a call if you think you need to step in.  All parties can hear each other,. 

Call pickup / see who is calling

To see who is calling:

Go to the Colleagues tab and focus the mouse cursor on the user who has a ringing call / is talking on the phone (same option is available in Feature keys / Messaging tab).  If you have the authority, you can see who they are on a call with.

To pick up a call:

  • Go to the Colleagues tab
  • Mouse over a colleague who has a ringing call, click on Options button (three dots) and select Pick up. Or right-click on a colleague and select Pick up:

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