Answering, Transferring and Making calls

This is a short video summarising the different call options listed below

Answering calls

Once you are logged in to Collaboration you are ready to begin receiving calls.  When a call comes in, a Call Tab appears on the right side of the Collaboration screen like this:


Figure 1, a Call tab with an incoming call

Transferring calls

Making Calls

Wildix is designed to be flexible and offer powerful options for making calls.   From right-clicking a colleague and clicking call, doing the same with people in your phone book or clicking numbers on a web page and hitting Call, Wildix enables you to get more done in less time with more accuracy.

The following methods can all be used to initiate a call:

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You can call us on 01752 393600, option 2 or, if you are on Number Club, call extension 3000

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