Setting up a Conference

Create a conference room

When you are ready to set up a conference, log in to Collaboration on the web and click the Conference button to manage your conferences


This will list the conferences you have created to date:


In this case we have no conferences, so we click on "+ New conference" to create a new one.  This presents the Create video conference tool:


Use the following fields to set up the conference:

When you are happy with the information you have entered, click on the Tick in the bottom-right of the screen.  The conference will be created and invites with joining instructions sent out to all participants.  Your colleagues will also receive an invite via chat.  Your conference will then be listed in your conferences:


If you need to review the conference, hover your mouse over it and then click on the edit button to the right. You will be able to modify the time of the conference, add and remove participants and re-send invites to individuals.  There will also be a unique conference link displayed that you can select and then copy using by clicking on the chain icon next to it.  This can be used to share the conference link in other ways.

Useful tip

If you are going to share the conference link be aware that anyone with the link will be able to join. If you wish to keep participants to only authorised people we suggest you enable the conference password feature.


To delete the conference, simple click on the delete button next to the conference; the participants will be notified about the cancellation automatically.


This video by Wildix Product Marketing Manager Elena Kornilova explains setting up and running a conference very well.

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